Why I’m Supporting Joe Biden

Aaron Stemann
4 min readJul 8, 2020
Graphic made by the Biden for President campaign

I’m not a Democrat and I’m certainly not a Trump Republican. I’ve been a moderate Republican all of my life (even though I am 15, I’ve been involved in politics for a few years). When people ask me why I’m supporting Joe Biden, I turn to a quote from our 40th President, Ronald Reagan: “For the first time in our memory, many Americans are asking ‘Does history still have a place for America?’ There are some who answer no. That we must tell our children not to dream as we once dreamed. Together, tonight, let us say that America is still united, still strong, still compassionate, still willing to stand by those who are persecuted or alone. For those who are victims of police states or government-induced torture, let us speak for them. I believe we can embark on a new age of reform in this country that will make the government again responsive to people. We can fight corruption, while we work to bring into our government women and men of competence and high integrity. Tomorrow, you will be making a choice between different visions of the future. Are you more confident that our economy will create productive work for our society or are you less confident? Do you feel you can keep the job you have or gain a job if you don’t have one? Are you pleased with the ability of young people to buy a home? Of the elderly to live their remaining years in happiness? Of our youngsters to take pride of the world we have built for them? Are you convinced that we have earned the respect of the world and our allies?”

That was a quote from President Reagan’s “Shining City on a Hill” speech that was featured in a recent ad made by Republican Voters Against Trump. Ponder that quote.

The more and more I think of Reagan’s legacy, the more I am appalled by the current administration. Ronald Reagan was a man of morals. Ronald Reagan was a man of his word. Ronald Reagan would be disgusted by the state of the current Republican Party.

Donald Trump has no morals. He cares about nothing except himself. He works his damndest to divide this country and politicize everything possible. He violated the oath of office he took on Inauguration Day. Every decision he makes is fueled by his chances of re-election. He’s a liar. He’s a bully. He’s a bigot.

He’s politicized practices that will reduce the chances of transmitting COVID-19. He retweeted a video of an elderly man screaming “white power” to a group of Black Lives Matter protests. He said there were “fine people” on both sides after the Charlottesville massacre. Fine people on both sides? There were racial justice protestors on one side and Nazis on the other.

4 years ago, Americans were sold on the Trump Experiment. It didn’t work out, and now people are suffering the consequences. Workers in the midwest were promised that they would be forgotten no longer. Conservatives were promised they’d have a fighter to ensure fiscal responsibility in Washington. Voters were promised that we would stand up to our adversaries. Workers aren’t being represented in Washington, tariffs are strangling our farmers, our debt steadily climbing up, and now we’ve become Russia’s bitch. America has been gaslighted, conned, sold out, forgotten.

Joe Biden is a man of empathy, experience, and patriotism. Joe Biden was raised with the principles that guide America: when you fall, you get back up stronger than ever. Joe Biden has been knocked down, but he always gets back up stronger than ever.

Vice President Biden isn’t perfect, but when you weigh the options, it’s clear: Biden is more competent, more intelligent, more caring, and more empathetic than the current White House occupant.

Trump and his cronies try to paint Joe Biden as an out of touch, senile old man. Trump can barely spit out a full sentence. At his speech at Mount Rushmore, the man struggled to say totalitarianism, Ulysses Grant, and Thomas Jefferson, among other words. I don’t think it’s good to question the intelligence of either presidential candidate, however, Trump brought the age card out first.

Trump claimed that the Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers were a hoax. Intelligence reports say that he was given the briefing that notified him of this. So either he knew it happened and he didn’t do anything about it or he didn’t read his intelligence briefing. Either way, that’s unpresidential and in my book, an act of treason. Any president, Democrat or Republican, always puts American lives first. With American troops at risk, why doesn’t he do his job and put the people first he claims to put but undermines every day?

We need a real leader. People like John McCain. John McCain was a man of integrity, one who told the truth even if it didn’t benefit him, a man of public service. Leaders like John McCain would never tolerate a President of the United States saying “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

We need a president who can go 5 minutes without lying through their teeth. He hides from the truth because the truth is that he’s been a terrible President. No, Mr. President, we are not tired of winning. We’re tired of losing, and that’s why Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.

Patriotism, kindness, empathy, experience, courageous, outgoing, cooperative, and intelligence: that’s what Joe Biden brings.

Are you tired of the divisiveness? Are you tired of the race-baiting? Are you tired of incompetence? Are you tired of the lies? Are you tired of Donald Trump? If you are, there’s only one clear option that will finally get rid of him: voting for Joe Biden.




Aaron Stemann

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